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Catherine Hart

Catherine Hart is a drawer, painter, and mural artist/collaborator.  She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from California College of the Arts in 2004.  After completing her BFA, she continued her art education in the art material business for 8 years in Austin, TX.  Her love of craft, drawing, painting and glass pulled her back into the studio to pursue a full time career as an artist and maker in 2012. Hart considers herself a mark maker above all, and she enjoys expressing this through works as small as 2" x 2" as well as large scale murals. In 2013, Hart was an apprentice on a two month community based mural project in Waco, TX through the Mid-America Art Alliance.  Her life was forever changed and the process of collaborative community mural projects has been her focus ever since.  Hart has both led and assisted mural projects in Kentucky, Texas, Tennessee, Kansas, New Jersey and North Carolina.  She is currently the assistant director for the Jersey City Summer Youth Public Art Program and cofounder of The Y'all Art Project, a non profit organization that brings a collaborative art process to communities and schools in need of the arts. The Y'all Art Project begins its first projects in Thailand and Cambodia in the winter of 2017.  When not traveling for mural projects, Hart resides in Jersey City, NJ.